Why Figma units look bigger in React app?

I have a Figma designed by someone, but when i developed the navbar with the same units, the navbar elements looked odd and bigger than how they look in the design presentation.
note that the desktop frame size in Figma is set to 1720px and the navbar links font is set to 24px ( Cairo font ):
while my screen size is 1366px
I dont’t want to change the pixels myself visually, I just want to do this professionally and find a way to adabt the figma frame units so they look just good. how to proceed with this please?


@Mounir_Dekali I think you may need to circle back with the designer that worked with you on this design – there may be details in the design itself causing the problem (but I’m not totally sure).

Can you share a screen recording? Would help give a better visual on what’s happening.

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Thank you for your response, i’ve recorded a short video to demonstrate the situation better: 2023-07-28 19-26-38.mp4 - Google Drive
I belive the problem is related the frame size in Figma, the designer used 1720px as a width for the desktop version, i believe it’s the one causing the problem since i have a smaller screen size. the design project is done now and i don’t want to adjust all the units manually especially that i’m not a ui/ux designer.