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Why does my entire prepaid team get locked out of Figma due to payment failure for one new editor!

I don’t know to how many people this has been happening, but it has caused disruptions in our teams several times already. We have a 5-member team, prepaid for the year. A stakeholder gets added to collaborate on a project and we are billed for that additional editor. If the card on file expires in a month and payment for the now monthly charged extra editor doesn’t go through, EVERYBODY is being blocked from using Figma.

How many of you have experienced this same issue? I’m attaching a sketch of what is happening and what we would expect.

Granted, Figma sends us three notices, but since we can’t provide IT with the main admin rights unless they also are a paid editor, this still causes issues if the main admin is out reach for those three days.

If the billing ‘just works this way’ then the solve to this problem might be closer to a clear distinction in roles. Only the team admin can add ‘editors’, all other team members can only add ‘viewers’. Making it harder to add editors to a team by anybody who doesn’t understand the possible impact down the line, should be a safeguard to keep a team from running smoothly.

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