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Why do I need a physical representation for styles saved in a library?

I’m probably just missing something that I’ll feel really stupid over when I get the answer, but…


I’m new to Figma but did get the upgrade to the pro plan (mostly for the shared libraries). I don’t have a team or anything - just me - but I wanted that functionality to enjoy. That being said…

With regard solely to style (not components) - style in a shared library or “style libraries”:

I watched some really great videos on making libraries but one of them the guy was making physical representations of properties in the library before he saved the style. For example, with colors, he was making little color swatches (rectangles on a frame) and giving them that color, and then saving the style.

My question:

So if the style is saved in the properties panel (and access the same in whatever other file you are in) then why do I have to have a literal color swatch (or font, or drop shadow, etc, etc) - in order to save the style? Can I just save the style directly with no actual object involved?

You only need some object in order to create the style (otherwise there is nothing to create the style from). Afterwards this object can be removed if you don’t need it.

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Thanks for pointing it out.