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Why do all my page level links land on a thumbnail of the project and not the actual pages?

I am deep in the process of documenting requirements for developers and using links to specific pages in figma to tie the rules and visuals together. Up until today those links took the user direct to the page within figma that relates to that topic.

Every link lands me on this thumbnail image instead of the actual page. Is there a setting thats changed or am I doing something wrong?

I am having the same issue. I used to use links to allow me to pivot to a new vertical of functionality on a different page in the same prototype, this is useful for main nav links and things like jumping to a newly created item in my app experience after a CRUD function from say, a confirmation toast. This worked extremely well by linking the frame URL to the text of a CTA in the prototype, until a recent update reverted all my links to the behavior you mention here. I have hit up figma support about the issue but haven’t heard back. It’s pretty frustrating honestly since this used to be a really elegant way to isolate modules of functionality without bloating my pages. I have a complex app I’ve been designing for years and links used to be the solution to helping me organize designs by vertical without losing a seamless interactive experience. Now it seems like I have to put all relevant interactive frames on the same page. To me this is a regression, unless I’m doing something wrong. Would appreciate any insight.

This sounds like a bug, you can report it to Figma support team via the bug report form.