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Why colors look very different on different devices?

I was making a design today in which I set a shade of blue as the background color. After finishing when I transferred it to my phone, the color looks completely changed. What’s more annoying is that I am not even sure which one of my devices is showing the true colour :confused:

The color was #51238C , in case you want to check across your devices too.

Is anyone else facing it or its just me? Any way to fix it or any workaround?

There is no “true” color. Every display is slightly different, so there is no way to achieve true consistency. On low-quality displays the difference is usually a lot more noticeable.


How should one choose a color then? Any tips or any tool?

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Usually this slight difference is ignored, as far as I know. So pick the color you like on one device. Nobody will see it the same way anyway.

On some very big and serious projects like branding a corporation, a lot of research goes into such small things as color, so on those it may be worth seeing the color on different devices as well as picking a suitable color for print (which is different from RGB, usually Pantone and CMYK colors are chosen).