Why color detatch to change opacity? (M3)

Hi! As seen on this on topic thread or on this one with a could be solution I was wondering if it would be possible to reduce the opacity of the Color Fill Style without reducing the opacity of the layer, so that the color reduces the intencity without affecting its content.

This has become especially problematic nowadays with the introduction of Material 3 since this operates with nested layers with different shades of the same colors which provide different states to certain elements, the issue that I see right now is that we have to unlink/remove a color style to edit its opacity, resulting in the loss of the global edition if you do so. An alternative to this is to move the nested layers on top of the autolayout to reduce the global autolayout color without affecting the content, which would work well but the autolayout is now just a background and the component clearly lost the autolayout properties, the adaptability of the component and a couple of the mayor features why we prefer Figma in the first place.


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