Why can't I see my File on the community page?

  • I have published a file to the community
  • I can see by the globe icon next to the filename that it has been sucessfully published.
  • I can access it by clicking on the globe icon and going to the file page on the community,

→ However, whenever I search for it through the search bar in the community page, I always get a ‘no resources found matching [filename]’ result. I can only access it by searching on my name and then clicking through on the file that is attached to me as a creator. Any ideas why it can’t be found? My file is attached to a team, other than moving it to my drafts (which also doesn’t work) I see now way of moving it somewhere else to make it work.
Thx for the feedback.

Hey Bart, that’s odd.

What’s the community file name? We’ll see if we can reproduce this behavior on our end.

The name is Figma Opleiding - RMDY (Community).
Thx for looking into it

Thanks @Bart_Van_Hecke!

We’ll pass this onto our community team to investigate.

Hey there, thanks for your patience!

Our community team let us know that it’s because this particular file is a remix of your previous one. Our current search algorithm demotes remixed resources when searching through the community.

Ok so does this either mean I need to delete or update the original file? Not the remixed one. Thx

Great question! Our community team is running some test and discussing to figure out the best course of action for you. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear back!