Why can't I drag and drop objects into components?


I have a component, I add an element… but how? I create a Text, and now I can’t drag and drop it into a component! WHY? WHYYY???

OK I know.

Figma, while copying a component in the library, makes it an instance, not a detached item or a single new component. OMG what an idiocy!!!

I am wondering what kind of help you would get with your conversation style, komrad :rofl:

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I need to do work, what kind of style would you expect if Figma acts totally idiotically???

A component that is copied should be “nothing” and not an instance!!!

If you are referring to content swapping of an instance, you can achieve this by instance swapping. It does require that the component content is already an instance to use this method. More info here: Placeholder Components — Editable components without detaching in Figma - YouTube

Yeah, I know, thanks.
I even answered it myself ; )

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