Why aren't my layers matching to Smart Animate?

I’m trying to transition between these screens with Dining Image smart animating. Instead the entire new screen dissolves in and out. I matched the layers names and hierarchy; I even tried just copy and pasting the same layer into the 2nd screen. What am I doing wrong?

The highlighted layers are what I am trying to smart animate (bitmap w mask), and the Interaction is on Dining Card 2. There is no checkbox to “Smart Animate Layers” as in tutorials.

Here is the interaction on Dining Card 2:

It might be because of the other layers that don’t have matching names.

You have:

Stay Detail / Scrollable Dining Lane / Dining 2 / Dining Card 2 / Dining Image

Dining Detail / Frame 2 / Frame 1 / Frame 3 / Dining Image

Might be something within that.

If all the container frames have consistent naming that will help in identifying the issue. Another thing you can see is selecting a layer while in Prototyping mode. If there is another “ghost” selection on the other frame of the same item, it is recognizing the same layer.

Thank you! That worked to link the layers, though the smart animation itself did not - now the image looks like it flies off the screen then the new screen, instead of expanding into the new screen. Any ideas?

You might have two layers with the same name so it is getting confused and moving the one on screen to a location off screen.