Why are the ellipsis for truncated text vertically centered?

When a text element is set to a fixed width with truncation, the ellipsis is vertically centered.

Is this a bug, or am I missing some setting/option that would display the ellipsis at the baseline of the text, like… ?

sounds like a bug… do you have a screenshot? It seems to work fine on my end.

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Here’s a screenshot of the text element with vertically centered ellipsis and the text control panel.

Hi @Erik_Wingren, Thank you for reaching out and sharing your screenshot. I understand that you may find this situation strange.

I tested it on my end and was able to reproduce this behavior using the font [Noto Sans JP].

So it might be related to the specific font you are using. Could you please try using different fonts and check the ellipsis position?

I hope to hear from you soon! And if any other community members have any insights or suggestions, please feel free to jump in!


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Spot on! Switching the font to regular Noto Sans did the trick. Thanks for the help!

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