Why are my items not squished together in this 0 space-between-items auto-layout?

This item has been laid out using auto-layout, but …, for some reason the purple line is not right below the text even though I have “vertical space between items” is 0 and vertical resizing is set to “Hug”. Why?

Hey there, I’m not sure if I’m right and I think I need more information to answer this correctly. it would be better if you give some info about the text’s attributes (like size and etc)

check your text height preference, if you set “hugged”, te “text alignment” won’t change anything (since it is trying to align your text with the top, middle, or bottom of the text box, and it’s hugged)

vertical alignment, beside the three dot menu

now, what’s the difference? make the text box fixed and change the height (smaller or bigger), you can see something like this:

you can now manage where your text’s bottom line wants to be. and you can add your own line under your text. however, I don’t recommend that.

Use the three dots menu on the text’s attribute and find “text-decoration” and use underline properties.

there is one other way, to have a negative number (like -3) for space-between, which I don’t find it so clean.

Hope this works well for you