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White screen after today's update? [Figma crash]

Same problem here: just blank screen after a couple of minutes. Occuring in the web and desktop version (Windows). Please tag me, when someone finds a solution. @Figma

Same here. Problem with white screen tried all solutions above. @Figma This is becoming unbearable… a paying customer with app that does not work!!!

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Same problem here, after the last update! On desktop app, working fine on web.

I’ve been having this white screen/loading Figma logo issue for 3 days straight now…This is starting to get very frustrating since all of my college work/client work is hanging. @Figma_Support please provide a quick solution for this.


Same issue here white screen, happens in a sudden while I’m working!!!
64 bit windows 10

Same problem here! Manage to log-in and make 4 or 5 adjustments then blank screen. Occurring in the web and desktop version (Windows).

its been like this for me too for the past couple of days … am using the native app … am not using any other software at the same time … images won’t load or keeps flickering … too much ram consuming … i haven’t changed any files so drastically for the past couple of days, so it should consume this much of memory … about 60% and above … when tabs are switched, then the images are loaded again and a white screen for a while … basically, sluggish all over … using 15 plugins and among them, unsplash is the most common plugin I use … to test whether these images are causing problems, I created a new file with no image and its the same after couple of frames …

my build (all are updated to latest versions):
Win 10 Pro | 21H1 | 19043.1165
i7-6700K | 16GB
Radeon RX 480 | 8GB

I have the same issue and it seems to be on certain hardware. I have a fairly new Dell with an integrated graphics card. After loading it works for ~30s then blink and locks. Closing the tab and re-open will get it working a again for ~30s.

Using this on an 4 year old computer as a reference system works perfectly well (although a bit slow)

Dell Latitude 5320
i5-1145G7 | 16GB
Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit (Build 18363)

Hi guys!
Please check Task Manager - Performance - Memory.
For me, my Figma project eats about 8 GB of RAM. If I close all apps it works just fine, if I open chrome, slack, youtube etc. it goes dark.
So check your memory, I think this is the cause

Super frustrated, is there no fix yet?