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While-Pressing Width Override

Hey! I have my design system set up so that the button goes to 95% of its size while being pressed. Each button is constrained to hug contents but overridden to the width needed. When changing the variant, the Highlighted state (shown while pressed) won’t take the width override. Is there a way to solve this or is this a bug?

I also have the constraints set at center-center, and the highlighted component (swapped while pressed) defaults to aligning top-left with the previous one. All this is with interactive components

Hey Scott! Any chance you’d be willing to share the file with me so I can take a look? My email is

Yup just shared with you! You can see the buttons on the Components page, the attached video of the interaction is from the Button Interactions (Interactive Components) page, and the Button Interactions (Pre-Interactive Components) shows how I intended them to interact prior.

Thanks!! Can you check to see if copying and pasting new instances of your button component fixes the issue? It seemed to do the trick for me.

That said, I’m still not sure what happened to the instances to get into the weird state where it was collapsing when pressed. I’ll dig a little bit more.

No prob! Just tried pasting it in that same Interactive Components page, and am still getting the same thing