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While presenting the interactive components is not updating properties

I built an icon button with a tooltip experience. However, tooltip names are not being updated while presenting mode, it stuck with the default component text.

Text set up:

But when presenting, it still looks with the default component text:

It blocks interactive components to be used in many cases, so I have to go manual for now.

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Im facing the same issue too, but with a text field design :frowning:

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Same here. I’m getting a text property which is refusing to update between interaction states 90% of the time when running the prototype. All other elements are updating.

I’ve checked everything in detail too and seems to be a bug. Will most likely have to start again without interactive components now unless fixed.

Very frustrating.

@Eduardo_Faraday @Armando_Molina @Paul_Lyons Not sure if you’re still having this issue. But try giving the layers that need to change a different name. I ran into the same issue, then renamed the text layers to have distinct names, and it worked.