While in prototype, overrides are not displayed

Hi everyone, I’ve already looked for an answer in previous posts, but can’t find the solution.

I’ve designed a component made by two variants: default and hover (where a small image should appear when hovering).

I’ve also override 6 different instances with 6 images (one specific for each element). In design mode everything’s look fine, but when I’m in prototyping mode, no matter which element I’m hovering, only the image I used as placeholder in the component creation appears.


I attach some screenshot to help you understand my problem:

Thank you!


Im having the same issue. Made a dropdown component and changed the dropdown options but the changes are not appearing in the prototype. If I figure something out, I’ll let you know.

I am also having this issue. The overrides show when I change the state in the design file, but when I click on the drop down it show the placeholder text in the main component. Seems like it could be a bug?

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We are also having the same issue.

We have tried with component properties and traditional component overrides.

The only workaround is to create unique components for each which defeats the purpose of having overrides.

@Christian_Baptiste1, unfortunately, I can’t see the layers panel to understand the structure of your variants, but I can assume that overrides are lost because your variants (where no tooltips are visible) don’t include hidden tooltip layers.

Yeah, I figure it out. FIXED!

Before component properties, we often would create a .baseComponent for our variant components. We would simply put every option in the base then hide/show layers in the components in the variant, usually based off of what state the component was in.

Our assumption was that with component properties, since we were using the layer panel component property icon to set the hide/show boolean, we figured it was not necessary to have those same text layers present in the component states that would not be showing the text. Apparently, we were wrong.

We have since ditched most of our .baseComponents, and we are able to set up the initial component using component properties. This gives us the ability to edit our text in the component properties panel, and as well as set up show/hide text booleans using the component property layer setting. The only thing we had to do after to fix our problem is; we needed to make sure we copied the layers for text properties to the other components that would not have them visible. Once copied we then hide this layer. Now the component retains the value we enter in the component properties panel, and it works correctly with micro-interactions in our prototype.

This was so easy to get wrong that it makes me wonder how many other people will run into this same issue. And it makes me wonder if Figma could improve this feature as well as the color override issues.

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