Which prototyping tool is the best to work with designs imported from Figma?

Hi community,

As it is widely known Figma is not the best tool for advanced prototyping. Also, consider frequent buggy behavior in prototypes after updates; clashes between the component variant-level and prototype-level interactions, and overall limited interaction capabilities. However, we use and like how Figma manages team libraries to accommodate our design system components and styles.

So I am curious about which tools you use on top of Figma to have a more seamless prototyping experience but still utilize Figma’s libraries and ideally component variant interactions set in the master component level (e.g. hovered, pressed, etc. states).

ProtoPie for example is a great prototyping tool but is eliminated because it does not have Figma library support and also has some problems with shadows coming from Figma.

What are your workflows in this matter?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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