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Where to find advanced Figma courses

I’m interested in learning more about Figma, but the far majority of resources I find online is about the basics and for beginners.

I’m looking for something more advanced, I would like to find resources made for an advanced audience.

Any suggestion?

Figma is a pretty basic tool, so what usually separates the beginner and a pro is general design skills and knowledge, not the knowledge of every intricate Figma hack. Craft > Tools.

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What do you term as advanced? Writing Plug-ins? It’s a layered tool you can pick up the basics quite quickly, but there are deeper and deeper layers of complexity a lot of it due to the historical evolution - for example smart layouts vs auto layouts vs grid layouts and constraints.

I read the help for a lot of advanced knowledge. Also you pick a lot up on forums like this helping people solve their issues or seeing how problems were solved and looking at examples. There is a whole community site full of stuff to explore too.