Where is the Inspect Tab?

Everything was working fine, but yesterday Figma suddenly froze, the inspect panel disappered after relaunch. Figma for Windows, Win 10 LTSC. I removed Figmaand installed again but no success. No inspect panel in Chrome also in Dev of desing more

I’m missing the same functionality. The inspect tab was not only a super fast way of quickly copying and overviewing CSS layouts, flex properties and individual lines of code, it was also easy to access. Now we have to switch to Dev mode to access the same functionality that was accessible for years?

Any statement from the Figma Team on this?

Because it would have been great if the initial promo videos specifically mentioned: “Hey the inspect tab is now dev mode”. At least that would have been transparent. I don’t have an issue paying for Figma and good functionality, but switching to a whole other mode of editing is not exactly the epitome of accessibility and usability… Giving a choice is. Just a setting somehwere that can switch Dev Mode to the Inspect Tab.


:point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3: THIS

Plus the fact that I could go to Inspect mode and screenshot with red measuring lines before. Now you basically cannot do it easily without agreeing to the new Dev Mode terms, risking some upcoming bills, or using a plug-in—at least not on a Mac. :melting_face:

At least Figma should make the Dev Mode beta a real, additional opt-in, not taking away some basic feature like this…


It’s hurting to see the inspect tab gone and merged with dev mode which requries a paywall. For what it’s worth, they removed a free tool and made it paid.

Is it the monopolistic way of building products and luring money ?


This was one of the best features I loved about Figma. This makes me feel like they’re forcing me to purchase the dev mode subscription. Not cool Figma, not cool.


You can use the Inspect plugin instead https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/1254262542670221199

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