Where is Detach Instance in the right-click menu?

I don’t see several items in the actions menu when right-clicking on a component - where are they???

Are you right clicking on a component or an instance?

Klesus - you are right - I was right clicking on the component, not the instance. New to this - thank you!

However, I still have this question too: why does a parent component holds the original perimeter/size when it’s edited?
e.g. Bigger or smaller, it holds the original size and uses that for snapping to other things… super annoying when all you want to do is make it a new size… any insight welcome!

Frames are fixed size unless constrained to another frame or adapting to their content with autolayout. And components are just glorified frames. So apart from those exceptions, the amount of “white space” you may get when moving things around or adding or removing things within a frame will remain the same.
You can change the size of the frame by dragging any of the corners or edges, but that may affect the position or scaling of the contents depending on their individual constraints. To get around this you can hold down Cmd/Ctrl while dragging to overrule the children’s constraints.
If you want the frame to shrink/grow to the size of it’s contents, much like how a group works, you can press the resize to fit button in the right sidebar.


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