Where I could find this font?


In Figma, in the list of fonts, there is one called NOTO SANS HEBREW NEW.

I used it on my project, but now the developer can’t find it. On google font, there is only NOTO SANS HEBREW and they look different …

I wanted to know where I could find it in order to use it?
Couldn’t find anywhere…

NOTO SANS HEBREW NEW is a font that is not available on Google Fonts or any other external font provider. It is a custom font that is only available within Figma’s font library.

If the developer is unable to find the font on their system, it is possible that they may not have the latest version of the font installed. You can try sharing the Figma project with the developer, and they should be able to see the font in the list of available fonts within Figma.

Alternatively, you can export the text as an image or PDF file, which will embed the font in the file. This way, the developer can view the text exactly as it appears in Figma, even if they don’t have the font installed on their system.

If none of these options work, you can consider using a similar font that is available on Google Fonts or other external font providers, and updating your Figma design accordingly.

he could see the font in the figma itself
but he wants the font files in order to develope…
there is a place in figma where i could take the font files?
or a different way i could develope with this font?

Not sure if this is the “new” version you’re looking for but you could check out this webfont source if it matches the font:

it has been updated in March.

I couldn’t find any official “new” font files on GitHub either.

but its different than the NEW
wondering from where figma have this font

thanks! are they free for commercial use?

You can learn about the license from the corresponding file in the repository.