Where do I find payment info details for plug ins I have paid for?

A couple of weeks ago I encountered some tech issues in Figma which had me download 5 different plug-ins, including one which I paid for and subscribed to (which ended up not working at all which I why I need to cancel the subscription).

I am now trying to find which plugin it was. I looked at all the plugins I have currently downloaded but I am not sure which of them is the one I paid for. I also logged into my Google Play account but there is no record of any plugin I signed up for.

You can’t pay for plugins on Figma from what I know. Plugins usually direct you to a 3rd party website for paid licenses, so you’d have to check each one of them for your paid account. Looking at your bank transaction history might give you a hint.

Thank you very much!

You’re very welcome! I hope you manage to find it. You can check the checkbox under my previous comment if your issue is solved.