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Where did my jam go?

I was working on a jam file for a few days. I closed the tab of the jam yesterday, and the jam file was gone today! I tried to look for it from the draft, but it’s no longer there T.T
where did my jam go?

Could it be in a different space? Make sure to check deleted files as well to make sure it didn’t accidentally get deleted.

found it! it indeed is in another workspace :smiley:

Same issue, but I can’t find it anywhere. Was using FigJam similar to how I used to use Miro and really excited, however when I open my Figma the FigJam file isn’t anywhere on the dashboard and can’t find it through search. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to export it to my desktop, but still, shouldn’t I see my FigJam files on my opening dashboard under ‘Recent’? Seems like that should be enabled by default?