When™ will be possible to we have a shortcut℠ (⌥⌘M) for Copy as SVG®?


Hello guys, my name is Marcus, I’m a new forum user but a little old alone Figmer, would love to know each history of you here boyz.

Q&I (Question and Issue)

This is my question for Figma, when it’s possible and ready for launch? Really miss sometimes this type of function, would acelerate my life too much. And for a lot of people all around the world bro, literally a long sniper big shot to export SVG from Figma, which is my favorite tool for using this type of file.


This is my, yours, from they. It’s the reality convinced right now for us at 12/26/2022.


And as to type ⌥⌘M in Macbook keyobard needs a near set of keys to trigger the Copy SVG, I felt the miss of creating my own shortcut for that function,

Extra for CSS (⌥⌘M)

And even for the CSS which is an even wider spreadable type of file by the internet would be a good heuristic practice for shortcutting the movements of his mouse and distributing para o keyboard, e this even more the Macbook user, as I already said it’s a near set of keys (⌥⌘N) on the right side of our keyboard.

My Pacific Screen

Any questions please reach me at discord marcola.eth#8275

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