When using CMND+I on sections all sub paragraphs change styling to Italic

I’ve noticed that the user might unintentionally alter all the paragraphs in each paragraph just by using CMND+I on a parent element.

Not sure if that’s intended, but to me, it’s a huge flaw knowing that reversing changes is quite destructive if you have deliberately overwritten the instance. This may eventually lead to very mundane manual work, which is why I’d recommend restraining switching font style of sub-elements when a parent (frame, section) is selected.

Hey @Wawrzyniec_Wroblewski - can you do a screen recording (or step by step instructions) that walks through the feedback you provided? I’m having trouble understanding exactly how you’re getting to the unintentional alterations.

Also, I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, so that may be affecting my comprehension right now :sweat_smile:

@ksn Whenever you focus on a section/frame and hit CMND+i (set to italic font) then all of the paragraph elements inside the section/frame get altered. I’ve noticed this issue also in component instances which IMO is even a bigger problem.

I’d expect to block shorthand events on the parent elements and only allow altering fonts when focusing on paragraph elements. Otherwise, power shorthand users may suffer a lot by unintentionally overwriting font styles.

Okay I think I understand now – to sum it up, you only want the cmd + i shortcut to affect the parent layer you selected, and NOT anything deeply nested beyond that.

If that’s the case, I’ll reclassify this as a feature request. Let me know if I didn’t interpret that correctly.

If that was intentional I wonder what is the real application of this ‘feature’?
I can’t believe it is more than just an overlooked behavior and I therefore I’d call it a bug.