When is this feature leaving beta and going live?

Its been in beta for awhile. When is this going live? When roughly is this going live? Design Systems teams want to get this on the roadmap but we need some more concrete info.

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Hi Chris! We’ve been working hard to fix bugs and improve performance, but it’s taken a bit longer than expected. We’ve also been adding support for new functionality. Most notably, we added support for Auto Layout today! You can read more about it here: Release Notes (September 29)

We’re getting close and are hoping to have a date to share soon. Hope that helps a bit, and thanks so much for your patience.


@Kelsey_Whelan This is awesome. Thanks for the update.

I have another question, how can we update design content for Tabs/Accordion with interactive components in Autolayout. Are you going to fix this too?

It is fixed! Finally! :grinning:
I was soooooooo happy today to see the auto-layout considering the resized components. I’ve been waiting for this feature so desperately! This is so helpful! Thank you so much to the FIGMA developers!

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