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When I use auto-layout my responsive design stops working

I have text within a group set with constraints “left and right” so that when I narrow the size of the group, the text always remains 32px from the left edge and right edge of the group.

This works well: once I narrow the group, this text inside goes to additional lines to accommodate for the decrease in width.

However, there is another object directly underneath it that gets covered up with the main text goes to additional lines. Thus, I wanted to put these two objects inside auto-layout. That way, when the original text grows in height, the object beneath it gets pushed down accordingly.

My problem is that applying auto-layout to these objects seems to take away their responsive abilities. Now when I narrow the original group, the auto-layout inside doesn’t narrow along with it. After experimenting with many different kinds of constraints, I still can’t figure out how to combine these two features.

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