When I share files ,How can I Know Who it is?

We need to share the files to other company , But only their nickname what i know, how can i know their Email?

Hi there. In order to share a file you’ll need to know their email (at least initially). Once you do you’ll then be able to search and add to the file based on their account name.

Thanks Josh’s feedback~
When I have already invited everyone email. On the figma only know everyone nickname. If they change their nickname , I can’t check their email to find who are they.

Can you share a screenshot of where you see this. Is this when sharing a file or managing the team?

Hi Josh, I have the same question in regards to seeing a users email that have been invited to view a file.This happens on files that I own and have been invited to view/edit, but previously, if you scrolled over the person’s avatar in the “Shared” popup of a file, their email address would be reveal in a tooltip. I’m wondering if there is a way to get further information of users in a file, since some users have just their first name or initials. It would be nice to be able to send out a message/update to all users that are added to a file.

Figma_Example of users in file

Yes I have the same problem with sharing
@Dan_Lam @LEE_SHIH @Josh

Also It would be nice to have reports on their sessions

I have opened a tread which you guys can vote, If you like