When do Figma embeds update?

Hello! Was curious on when Figma embeds refresh or update if something was changed in the embedded file preview shown. It’s more of to manage expectations from stakeholders, so I know if I should tell them “just refresh the page and the live embed of the file will be updated to the latest!” or “Figma embeds update every 24 hours” or something. :sweat_smile:

I’m assuming refreshing the page will also refresh the file shown in the Figma embed, but I’m just curious if there was any other thing we had to watch out for. Thanks!

Hi there, Thanks for reaching out! I’ve been looking into this internally and will provide an update once I have more information. Appreciate your patience in the meantime.
Thank you!

Hi, Thank you for waiting! If the application uses Figma embeds, it updates live alongside the file.
You can take a look at the videos showing realtime updates for Trello/Jira/Dropbox in this article here: https://www.figma.com/developers/embed

However, there might be some applications that make their own static image that looks like an embed. For instance, I tested on Notion by pasting Figma file link and it needs to click [Reload Preview] to update the preview.

Here are related articles to check details:
Hope it helps!


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