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When design, wireframe first or no wireframe?

I am a new learner of UI/UX design. have a question about the wireframe.

Should I do wireframe first and then add styles (likes colors, effects etc.) or will it be better that directly design all the thing together? like to hear some suggestions.

Hi, try to consider wireframes as questions. That’s the part of the process in which you validate some assumptions, create different possible approaches to the problem to discuss with your users and team, start to visualise structure and identify usability issues.
Wireframes usually follow some kind of goal definitions, user research, information architecture, content mapping. The goal of wireframing is to start to visualise how your interface is going to be used. Wireframes are easy to change, quick to test different approaches and do not focus on aesthetics, so the test users and your team can focus on what is important before getting to details.


Thank you Harun. Very helpful answer!