When deleting an element, move selection to the next element in the frame

Very often I’m working within a frame and need to say delete one element, and move another to its place. Deleting always clears the selection which means I often have to bring my selection back to the frame to keep working on it. Couldn’t deletion just move the selection to the next element in the frame? We always have escape if we need it!

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I don’t personally love this idea as the “next” element—assuming it’s following the layer order—may not always be the element you expect it to be from a visual standpoint. I think the current functionality makes sense with how I expect the tool to work. Control is in the users hands versus Figma taking the control away from you.

It’s really just about having to use my cursor less. If the wrong element ends up selected I can tab to the one I want. If I wanted nothing selected I can hit ESC. Current behaviour makes me have to click back into the frame I had selected which is quite cumbersome if it’s deeply nested. I usually cmd-click and then shift-enter back out to the frame but that is still a bit annoying to do.

Ah, ok! I didn’t realize you could navigate via the tab key—that’s handy. In that case, perhaps a custom setting for this behavior would be a solution to give users the option to enable/disable this?

I’ve sadly reached my vote limit again but this would definitely help speed things up quite a bit. it is really annoying having to click through all the layers again after deleting an element in a group.

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