When copying a prototype from one page to another it breaks all interactions?

Thank you @Piotr_Gawinski ! This worked for me and was a huge time saver :hugs:

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The other answers didn’t work in my case, but THIS ONE WORKS!!
Thank you so much!!
I have a big prototype and now I have freedom to work on different versions. You saved the week s2

Thank you! this is the way, at least for now

This works for me! Thank you so much! :tada:

Thanks! Works great

Thank you guys for this. Saved a lot of time. But one of the best way to go around this, it to first go to the prototype mode, select all frame, Left click, and "Select move to page" select any of the pages, you intend to move your work, and all interactions would be maintained.

Thank You.

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It works with plane frames but not with components. With components the interactions are preserved related to the main component and dont “transfer” to the instances. Plain duplication with frames (via ctrl + d or alt and drag) seems to be working

To add: The frames youre trying to copy and paste can themselves be components but the whole selection should not be a component (i was trying to create a flow of frames as a single component)

Try this: create a new file. go into proto mode. go back to your original proto file, switch to proto mode, select all, copy - move to the other file, paste. now just add the starting frames for your flows.

This worked for me, I was trying to copy a flow with interaction with master components, using this method of moving it into another page it created instances of my master components and keep all the interaction. Thank you! You saved me from redo all my work.

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Sorry if this has already been answered, but if you want a frame on another page, you can save it as a png and paste on desired page. As mentioned, go to prototype mode, but rather than moving, copy as png. Go to your desired page and paste. Boom! you’re done!

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