What responsibilities does Product Designer have?

I’m looking for the Community’s input on the list of responsibilities of a Product Designer.

Here are the ones I have identified so far.

Do you agree/ disagree or have something to add?

  • Set design requirements based on information from internal teams and user research.
  • Identify new product improvement opportunities.
  • Analyze how a new product satisfies market needs and consumer preferences.
  • Stay up to date on current industry trends and market conditions.
  • Coordinate with other design team members to ensure consistent and accurate communication.
  • Modify and revise existing designs to meet changing customer preferences.
  • Work closely with product engineers to suggest improvements for products and processes.
  • Present product design ideas to cross-functional teams and senior leadership.
  • Brainstorm/sketch possible solutions or approaches (i.e., whiteboarding)
  • Conduct user research
  • Present research and design work for feedback and approval
  • Run workshops
  • Create a user flow, sitemap, or information architecture diagram
  • Create a simplified sketch (i.e., wireframes)
  • Create icons, graphics, and/or illustrations
  • Create high-fidelity design mock-ups
  • Prototype the flow from screen to screen (i.e., user flow)
  • Explore the behaviour of animation and/or interactive components
  • Present research and design work for feedback and approval
  • Iteratively share with others for feedback
  • Get feedback from external users on prototypes
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