What plan should I use?

Hi everyone,
I want to share full permission on my files to 5 people.
What plan should I use? And Do I need to buy the plan for those 5 people?

Hi! To grant full permissions to 5 people on your Figma files, here’s what you need to consider:

First, Drafts Folder: If you share a file from your drafts folder, anyone you share with can view, edit, and even clone your files. It doesn’t restrict people from copying the content in any of the modes, be it view, edit, or prototype.
Second, Team Plan for Restricted View Access: If you want a more controlled environment where you can prevent others from cloning your files, you’d need to opt for a team plan. Within a Figma team, you can set permissions and roles for each member. Remember, you will need to pay per editor on this plan. So, for your case, if all 5 people need editing rights, you’d have to pay for each one of them. If some of them just need to view, then viewer access is free.

You may read more about Figma’s Pricing here.

Hope this clears things up! Let me know if you have more questions

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Thank you :star_struck: