What " Plan " does my company use?

Is there anyway to tell what plan does my company uses?
Is there a way for 2 members to be on " Professinal " and the admins on " Enterprise " or " Organization " plans ? Or if the team is on professinal, then everyone is on professional ? Is there anyway to tell what plan are we on ?

If the team is on a professional plan, all editors will be on professional seats. There isn’t a way to mix and match different tiers of seating in an org overall.

Regarding how to tell what plan you’re on – there are different instructions on how to view/modify your seats.

Billing on the Professional plan – this page can help you understand how to manage billing on a Professional plan, and view what seats you are paying for.

Manage billing on the Organization and Enterprise plans – how to manage billing on the upper tiers of Figma seating.