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What is your typography style hierarchy when separating desktop and mobile?

I’m redesigning our website and I’m separating font-styles desktop/mobile. A H1 of 53px is incredibly big on a mobile. Therefor, that same H1 will be 33px on mobile. That’s causing a lof of text styles and I’m unsure what the best way is to organise all these text styles.

Figma will only nest text styles by a single level. That means ‘Desktop / Heading / H1’ will actually become

Desktop - Heading

So I’ve currently come up with two options: Device / Element / Variation (i.e. ‘Desktop / Heading / H1’) or Element / Device / Variation (i.e. Heading / Mobile / H1). Feel free to suggest other options, but primarily tell how you organise your typography styles! :slight_smile: