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What is ? Font

Hi, I just found out that Figma has this font called “???”, I wonder what is the real name of this font because I’m gonna use it for my design layout.

Does anyone have a clue?

Hello all! I’m tidying up my system fonts and have removed the Google library from Figma to keep things more organized, but I’m now seeing that there is a font at the top of the Figma list labeled “?????


I cannot seem to identify or locate it — does anyone know why this is happening? There are no missing fonts in this document, simply a mysterious “?????” font which I have not installed myself, nor do I plan on using in the future, so I’d like to remove it! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @KateFab!

That’s definitely odd. Have you already tried quitting and restarting the desktop app or refreshing the browser app you’re using to access Figma?

Alright we just pushed a fix to font agent. You may need to restart your computer first but this should hopefully resolve this issue.