What if we had a bookmark option for templates?

to bookmarking templates, users are able to save their liked templates
(pide or free) for later use.

simulation for bookmark option -
Let’s say I’m working on a SaaS product, but I come across some great template suggestions for e-commerce products on social media pages. Although I don’t need to use those templates immediately, I want to save them for future reference.

In that case, I have to open that template in my account and its tack space and add one more file.

However, what if we had a bookmark button specifically designed to save templates?

my assumptions: I think it saves some account store data for Figma😅 -( I’m not a dev )

By introducing a bookmark option, users would have a more efficient and convenient way to save templates they like, making them easily accessible when needed."

Figma link: https://www.figma.com/file/vhrE6KEB9zlUieDFBHrkhb/Figma-Ideas-by-shan?type=design&node-id=4-37

it’s just an idea :bulb:

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