What happens to published library after cancellation of Pro subscription?

I have a client who’s paying for the Pro subscription for their team. There is a “work in progress” file and a design system file, whose library of assets is published within the team. Now that the bulk of the design work is done, the client wants to stop paying the Pro subscription and revert back to the free Starter plan (note: there is 1 team project & 3 files in the project).

As the designer, will I be able to continue using the shared library in the “work in progress” file after the team moves to the free plan?

Hey Hugo,
If your client downgrade from Pro to Starter, the connections between the instances in the working file and the library file with the main components won’t be lost, but the working file will no longer receive any updates from the library file since the library file will no longer be able to access publishing (because publishing is a Pro plan feature). Hope this is clear!

Thanks Celine for this swift and clear answer! But in my “Work in progress” file, will I be able to access the current version of the shared library that we have, after my client reverts to Starter plan?

We don’t really update the design system anymore, now that it’s been established, so it wouldn’t be a big loss for the client to not have access to the most updated shared library, I guess.

Yes, you will still be able to use the library as it will stay published.

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Lovely, thanks for clarifying the situation!

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