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What happened to 'Paste' image?

Has anyone experienced this ‘bug’ with the latest update?
When I paste an image in Figma the images appears as doubled.
‘copy’ image

‘paste’ in figma to fill the shape

Found a workaround but not happy with this (paste image > delete one > image/ copy properties > rectangle/ paste properties.


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same here…

I think I managed to find the source of the problem: it’s something to do with the browser, not figma: only ‘copy image’ in Firefox triggers this weird duplicate thingy. same action, with other browsers (chromium based) copy/paste works as it should…

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confirm that, this is a firebox

This was posted about two months ago, but the thread was closed from a lack of response, and it also affects Figma core.

Just want to make sure it’s on the radar as I wager it’s a pretty common workflow, and can’t be bypassed using “paste to replace” within an existing img/rect.

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Hey all - just wanted to drop an update on this bug:

The issue has to do with the version of Chromium we’re using in the Desktop app, which has made it a bit trickier to address. However, our engineering team believes they’ve isolated the issue, and hope to have a full fix out ASAP.

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