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What do you do with Unattached comments?

Hello everyone,

What can you do when you have unattached comments? There should be an option to place it back on a frame or object inside the canvas.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.


Why doesn’t just moving it to the proper screen work?

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Not really.
When I click on the comment I can see just the contents of the comment and that’s all you can do, besides resolve or delete.

Same problem!

You can drag it around the canvas and drop it on top of any frame, it will become it’s child :slight_smile:

Yeah would love to hear if someone has found a solution to this one. I can see the comment in the sidebar, the modal pops up when I click on it, but no means of relinking it to its parent.

the annotate icon disappear

  1. It would be great if @Figma can let us reattach lost, unattached comments back to a frame.
  2. Even better if the comment automatically falls back to a children frame underneath when you ungroup a frame, to which the comment is attached. That just reduce unattached comments from happening.

I have the same issue. Vote here so that this improvement gets implemented: Make it possible to reattach unattached comments