What do students see in the instructor's education site

I recently joined Figma and invited my graphic design class. I am curious what they will see or have access to when logged into my account. Will they be able to work on their projects independently without collaborating with other students? Will I be able to see what each student is doing to give them help?

If you are new to using Figma, then I can explain to you how the action works and share it with other users.

To open your document there by the link, your students must go to the site using their Google mail. After that, you will send them a link to the desired document. To do this, select “open access by link”. Your students will be able to see your actions in the document, and will even see the movement of your cursor, since everything there is synchronized instantly. This is convenient for teamwork. In miami.asa.edu they also conduct such trainings on graphic design. I attended such an online course, and our teacher showed us many times how to create landing pages there, the necessary presentation pages and much more. Good luck!

The students wants to find their tough college assignment on these types of websites.