"We're having trouble connecting to designs" - Figma plugin for Jira


Over the last week, we’ve been having this error on our Figma Plugin. Re-installing the app doesn’t help.

Is anyone else having this issue? And how did you resolve it? No response from Figma support.


We are facing the same issue, I contacted the Figma Support Team but I haven’t get an answer yet

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. We are checking internally and get back to you when we have anything we have updates.

Thanks for your understanding.


Hey All, thanks for your patience!

A fix has been launched for this issue, but please let us know if you’re still having trouble.

For our side the issue has been resolved

Same. I’ve sent a message to support a few days ago. Glad it’s resolved.

@dvaliao We’re still seeing the same error dialog.

Hey @Elizabeth24, sorry to hear to you’re still having trouble with this!

When was the last time you refreshed/restarted Jira? With more context, we can escalate this to the team.