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Weird invoices


I’ve emailed support and had no response. This is likely something I’ve done without realizing what I was doing, but I paid for an annual subscription in March, and subsequently I’ve been invoiced for USD 15, and then USD 120(!). Anyone have any ideas as to how this might have happened? I suspect it was because I gave someone edit access to a project and didn’t realize this would add an extra seat … but USD 120/month is weird.

I’ve cancelled my subscription until I get a handle on this.

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You can find who has Edit permissions in your team by going to Members tab in the team: From there you can find which resources they can edit and can revoke their edit access.

It’s just me.

Oh, I just looked at your invoice, that’s weird indeed, it says 0 editors so I don’t understand why you were charged. Definitely something the support team would need to look at.

I’m having same problem. Already paid for annual but still charged for monthly.