Website screenshots added into Figma file appear pixelated

I’m adding in website screenshots of full webpages to a Figma file they appear very pixelated. (for example all are 1440px wide x 6000px tall x2) These are screenshots that are being taken on a retina macbook display so they are 2x resolution.

When I open them on my computer normally they are not pixelated.

What’s going on here?

There is no information or help for the issue that I can find.

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There is already a blurry images discussion (link at bottom)

A user proposed to use the “Insert big image” plugin to avoid this

This is a similar but different issue, the image added are pixelated right when I drop them into figma, they don’t become pixelated/blurry at a later date.

@CR_chlo Have you followed these steps here in the Image loading and performance issues guide?

So, I’ve found why this happens, Figma downsamples any images over 4096 px on any edge.

Was this always the case or is this new?

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This was always the case. There’s also a feature request to disable image resizing here: Option to disable "Image resized" when large images are brought in

I am adding screenshots with max 1920px into Figma and see everything pixelated. Another issue is that added screenshots in FigJam are not visible to all people I share boards with, forcing us to use traditional screen sharing which defeats the purpose of sharing boards.

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The forums are primarily run by the community. You’ll get more specific help by reaching out to the support team directly:

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