Website Banner

Hi. I’m new to Figma, and i’m currently struggling with this trouble.
So, I’m trying to recreate the website, and i’m with the banner part.

My steps are:

  • Create the base structure

  • Group it

  • Duplicate it

  • Adjust the circle and image for second asset

  • Make it interactive from prototype tab

  • Create a component set.

  • On the Design Frame, i add the component and it went crazy with the line that dragged into the previous asset frame. And when i present it, none of my clicks works with the banner. Ive cross checked the prototyped, and I’ve selected the “on click.”

Can anyone please correct me on which step did I do wrong?

Only link the two variants together within the component. Don’t also link the component or any of its variants to the instance of that component.

Another thing might be the way you created the component. I’d make the two states first, then make them both components, then select them both and click “Combine as variants” in the right panel, then prototype the variants together within the component.

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this solve my problem !!! thankyou very much !!

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