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🐛 WebHooks no longer work after you have created a branch

Wow, this took a long time to identify what causes the issue. We have a Web Hook that post changes (Library Updates, File Version Updates) on all of our Shared Library files in slack. However, it appears that some of the files do not post anymore. It turns out several of us started using branches for iterating and once a branch is created the file no longer triggers web hook events. The worst part is it is not only if it has a branch but IF IT EVER HAD ONE. Even if you Archive > Delete all branches it will never trigger a webhook again.

So far I have tested this with FILE_VERSION_UPDATE and LIBRARY_PUBLISH. I am hoping this is a quick fix as it is now impossible for those libraries to post changes in Slack anymore which is what our devs use to implement the changes from the design system.


Curious if anyone from the Figma team has looked at this yet? Even if the bug has not been addressed or looked at I was hoping there was some ideas on a workaround as this has really created an issue for our preexisting workflow and hooks we rely on.


We are having a similar problem. I would like to know about the status. So do you have any plans to fix it?

Hello! We deployed a change last week (on Monday) that we believe fixes this. Are you still experiencing issues?



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Hi there,
We are having a new issue.
Any API request for Webhooks V2 which returned 200 response before is now returning 403 error.
May I know any solution?