Way to create a "workspace" or bookmark figma files that are shared with me

I work in a large organization with many design teams. We collaborate across design teams, but each TEAM has their own “Team” within Figma.

It’s absolutely frustrating and chaotic to try and save the links for files I’m sent. I end up creating a note pad, or a note within my current Figma file linking out to those other teams’ files. I would love instead to create “Work spaces” (See Google Docs, but make it more figma-y) that let me stash a bunch of file “shortcuts.”

If I can view it, comment on it, or edit it, I want an easy way to be able to find it later. “Recently viewed” isn’t good enough. I often look at other peoples files in the process of critiques, design shareouts, and other things. Simply looking at a filed doesn’t mean I’ll need to come back to it anytime soon.


(FWIW, someone else proposed this as well: “bookmark-another-teams-design-file”)

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