Want to use a file with private network

I would like to share my work through Figma with a company using a corporate private network. If access to the URL of the file is allowed, the preview thumbnail is not visible and the file is not opened with some message “An error occured while opening the editor”. In this case, would it be helpful to allow access to Figma.com in the private network?

Same is happening to me, my co-worker can’t open Figma files from browser anymore, it says ‘An error occurred while opening the editor’.

Hey everyone! Sorry to hear you are having issues opening the editor.

Can you try logging out and back in and check if this clears the error?

If it does not we suggest checking a different browser, or an incognito window. If another browser or incognito works, please try disabling any ‘blocking’ browser extensions or asking your IT Admins to adjust the proxy settings as shown in the help center article “Technical Troubleshooting Tips”.

Lastly, we’d suggest restarting your computer and checking another network, like a mobile hotspot. If you can connect on another network you make need to adjust your proxy settings or inform your ISP.

If nothing here helps, please reach out to our support and send us through a Console.log as shown in Use Chrome Developer Tools, so they we’ll take a closer look and see if they can spot the problem here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Hope this helps!