Want to understand the billing system

Hello I have a problem with billing system.

Can I get some help from this community?

When I see the billing page, it shows that we have 32 seats. (I unfortunately added the seats by my mistake.)

But our actual user is just 9 members.

And here is my question

Is it going to pay just for 9 members who has a ‘Can edit’ Team permissions?

Or whole 32 seats that I made by a mistake?

Need some help, , , , Thank you,

Hey there, thank you for reaching out! There are three seat types to choose from: viewer, viewer-restricted, and full. A person’s seat type determines both their billing status and the actions they can take in Figma design and FigJam files.
An admin can downgrade someone to a viewer-restricted seat at any time. You can choose whether someone is a free or paid user at any time by changing their seat type.
We recommend checking to see which users are paid and which are free before the end of your billing cycle. Learn more about managing people’s seats: Manage billing on the Professional plan.

Hope this helps, please let m know if you’ve further questions.

Thank you for quick response!

I have 2 questions.

  1. The billing is only just applied to viewer or full type person?

  2. I don’t need to concern about the number of 32 seats that I unfortunately added by my mistake?

Thank you for your kindness : )

In Figma, you pay for anyone with a full seat. People with a full seat can create and edit files in a team or organization.
I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #899785, for reference. Support can confirm if these seats are full seats and can help downgrade them for you.