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Wacom Tablet not working with Figma?

  1. If I switch from the Figma desktop app, to any other app- then go back to Figma - I can’t select frames or use my space bar drag to reposition my placement on the canvas.

  2. Using a wacom intuos pro - medium size, fully updated. Figma is up to date as well/

  3. Does anyone else have these issues when using a wacom tablet + stylus instead of a traditional mouse?


I do have issues using Wacom with Figma. I loose control over zoom, panning and clicks randomly.
Surprisingly, this happens AT FILE LEVEL, meaning that if I switch to a different open project/tab, the tablet will work just fine on that file. Coming back to the problematic file does not solve the problem. Closing and open file does.

While the Wacom is failing, I can switch to the track pad or mouse and they will work just fine, so this issue is specific to the Wacom Tablet.

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The same issue, started yesterday. Can’t rotate and move objects using Wacom.

Same problem happened last night to me. It seemed like Figma had a hiccup and all of a sudden I couldn’t rotate anything with the tablet, but my Mac’s trackpad works fine for it.

I updated all the drivers, rebooted figma and the computer, but it persists across the entire program still.

I noticed that when highlighting type, there are bars on either side of the selection that have not been there before. Is it a setting we hit accidentally?

I also have not been able to rotate with my wacom pen, this is HIGHLY annoying as I exclusively work with my wacom to do all and everything.

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I am experiencing issues also. All of a sudden, the tablet starts behaving erratically, you can’t select objects, the canvas zooms in and out. Trackpad behaves as expected, and can complete the action that the tablet cannot.

I’ve tried reinstalling drivers, restarting, running Figma only. It persists intermittently.

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Ditto—experiencing issues where on OSX I lose the ability to ctrl+click (right click) on the Wacom.


How can I fix that? I use a Wacom, yes up-to-date and yes I restarted my computer.

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Yeah I am having issues as well, mine is that for the past 3 days I can’t right click using my Wacom… Right click works once and then stops… and works fine in all other apps…

I use one of the buttons on the pencil as the middle click to move the canvas when I press it without touching the tablet (with the pencil) and since yesterday it has not worked for me.
I have tried on other applications and it works fine.
Can someone from Figma confirm that it is a bug and tell us about its solution?

Having similar issues, as of about halfway through today. Wacom Intuos Pro, Macbook Pro 2019, MacOS 11.4. Can’t right click or rotate.
Have also noticed that it coincided with the extra selection handles on the text – that only appear when using the wacom, not the macbook’s trackpad.
Those grab handles on the text look very much like they designed for mobile use… verrry interrresting.

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And I just went back to my file to look at the grab handles again, and everything is fixed! No more grab handles, rotate and right click work again.

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And now it’s not working again. Fancy grab handles are back.

grab handles

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Faced the same issue. Can’t right- and middle-click with the Wacom pen. Happens in the desktop app and in Chrome.

And it goes away and comes back from time to time. Very annoying.

Same here. I can’t CTRL+Click anymore. Once in a while, it will work for a single CTRL+Click, but then it’s back to not working immediately. It also seems to have started happening the same time this new text select treatment with the blue handles was introduced.

Same issue. Started with buggy behaviour yesterday, with Figma zooming in/out when moving my pen, and not being able to click on the canvas. It was as well project specific. Today it was OK, worked for 5 minutes, and then Figma stopped recognizing the Wacom altogether.

Both Figma and Wacom driver are up to date. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I’m using an M1 chip macbook pro with BigSur.

I look forward to any help. — This is extremely annoying.

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same issues here

I have the same issues too. I’ll downgrade the OS, hopefully, that will work.

I have the same issue, but I’m using Intel chip Macbook pro with Big Sur 11.5.1. Customer support sent me this, I try it, but the problems persist.